From the time we were little girls we have been taught to be pretty, pleasing, and polite.

Anything that was deemed "UNBECOMING" was suppressed, invalidated or punished because it didn't conform to limiting gender roles that keep women in
the trance of unworthiness.

This is an epic time in our human evolution. Women everywhere are awakening to our value and becoming "full of ourselves". It's time to
re-member our wholeness through the tools, teachings, and embodiment practices of revelatory feminine leadership and sisterhood.

Are you ready?

Join us for an intimate coaching experience that will help you to:

  • Establish a loving relationship with your body and develop your intuition.
  • Tell your truth and stop apologizing.
  • Create more impact with more rest and renewal.
  • Experience freedom, joy and laughter in all aspects of your life.
  • Reveal and heal wounded feminine behavior.
  • Discover your unique brilliance and get paid for it.
  • Release shame and turn up your confidence.
  • Reclaim deep connection with yourself and other women.

Whether you desire major positive shifts in your business, life, and beyond - this program will guide you to step into your brightest light and reveal what's been hiding in plain sight.

Expose the bullshit rules that hold women hostage while dissolving layers of toxic social conditioning to explore and develop your authentic self.

Prepare to be amazed.

What gets revealed, gets healed.

with Libby Bunten & Monica Rodgers