Breaking the Spells of Oppression

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Prose + Podcast Episodes about Breaking the Spells of Oppression in Sexual and Reproductive Health, Mary Magdalene and the Healing Power of Eros, and a Holistic Approach to Dentistry.

I leave more intentional offerings at the lap of the sacred feminine of late.

Milk and honey, a song, and some sweets nestled at the rooted altar of my favorite Oak. Sometimes chocolate, a lullaby, or an empty bird's nest filled with bits of sea shells, rose petals, or a handful of sparkling stones.

As I contemplate the threads that brought me here, I untangle the yarn of an ancient story. It’s wound with wisps and bits of ancestral memory, bound up with other lifetimes of lost and found.

Revelations disrobe themselves in layers, flowering open, then closing, from bud to bloom to ground, and then back to the cosmic womb. A cyclical erotic dance of creation, serpentine energy shedding primordial skin, yoni mythologies crown, and archetypes of the Goddess are re-born.

The trance is breaking. Slowly women of the world are awakening. Unearthing the buried feminine from the inner tomb of their sacred second chakras. I feel an imminent shift somewhere on this horizon - a birth quake of epic proportions will bring us back to life.

The most oppressive spells cast by patriarchy cast the feminine out, shattering her in a thousand parts and banishing her to the darkest places, deep within our psyches.

These spells were cast through words, deeds, and stories- curses that dismissed her presence and relevance, denying her divinity. The defiling of her sanctuary temples including those of her own human form- reduced her to a shadow, her body uninhabitable- a long, cold, winter of mourning.

She disintegrated and disassociated, exiled parts of her, ghosted, for thousands of years. Through violations and defamation and a meteoric campaign of lies, violence, and propaganda - to survive, so wise, she fell deep into trance.

The spring of our human evolution rises with her resurrection, and the murmuring mythic hives hidden deep in the caves are stockpiled full of honeycomb, as the bee's hum again, leading her back home.

Each part I remember, as I run to greet her at the threshold, with a dandelion crown in my hair. My arms are full of love spilling over with succulents, bouquets of Ranunculus, joy, roses, and gratitude. I cover her flushed cheeks with kisses, my tears are salted with sweetness as I welcome each part in.

Happy Easter!



Recent Episodes:

Episode 160: Dr. Joanna Kujawa: The Other Goddess- Mary Magdalene and the Healing Power of Eros

Is there a lineage of goddesses that claims the evolutionary power of female sexuality? And if so, why were they pushed to the shadows and demeaned as harlots? Was Mary Magdalene one of them, and what were her teachings?

Episode 161: Rupham Henry -THE BITTERSWEET TOOTH What a Holistic Approach to Your Mouth Can Reveal About Your Health

Our teeth represent our total health, and there are ways to improve our oral health that will greatly improve our health, overall if we focus on healing our teeth from the inside out. Allopathic dentistry often misses the root cause of dental issues and what is our oral health is telling us about what’s going on inside with our internal organs, gut health, circulatory system and so much more.

Episode 162: Samantha Zipporah - The Fruit of Knowledge: Breaking the Spells of Oppression in Reproductive & Sexual Health

“The possession of knowledge does not kill the sense of wonder and mystery. There is always more mystery.”- Samatha Zipporah

Our wombs are portals, and our blood connects us to our lineage, the earth, and our deepest inner selves. The womb continuum invites us to become deeply rooted in our own bodies, and in this episode Samantha invites us to break the patriarchal spells of oppression in reproductive and sex health by connecting to the wisdom and power of our own body.

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