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What is your truth? About who you are, your authentic beliefs, the deeper meaning behind your life’s happy and painful moments... and how you’re called to impact the world at this pivotal moment?

Now is the time to embrace transformative spiritual practices that can embolden and center you — so you can experience the freedom that’s possible when you accept and love yourself for exactly who you are.

The sacred figure of the Black Madonna, a Black female image of the Divine who draws seekers of all religions and spiritualities, is known for meeting people precisely where they are on their life’s journey — especially when all hope seems lost, says Dr. Christena Cleveland, public theologian and activist, who I had the honor of interviewing on The Revelation Project Podcast (episode 152).

The Black Madonna reveals truths about your own sacredness and gives birth to a new understanding of God, one in whom we can find hope.

What’s more, She longs to connect with you.

On Tuesday, March 14, with Dr. Christena Cleveland, public theologian and activist, you’ll discover how the Black Madonna has always been right there, ready to accompany you, guide you, and empower you as you move toward healing for your life and for our world.

In this hour-long free online event, you’ll discover:

  • A guided, embodied meditation practice in which you’ll co-create a spiritual experience with the Black Madonna — and identify your personal name for Her
  • How the Black Madonna longs to transform your relationship to the people in your life by helping you release others to Her loving, expansive, and watchful care
  • Five little-known names for the Black Madonna that illuminate Her desire to dwell intimately with you — so you can learn more about Her as She fuels your quest to find your truth and speak it boldly
  • Fascinating social science research on how your identity is shaped by your closest relationships, and what’s possible for your life when you welcome the Black Madonna into your inner circle; as a powerful example, Christena will share how the Black Madonna famously guided Joan of Arc in 1429 as she fought for her truth, freedom, and the wellbeing of others
  • How your connections to powerful beings (including divine beings) can empower you to align your beliefs and actions so you’re living your truth at all times

As Christena will explain, there’s a reason the Black Madonna shrines are some of the most popular and powerful in the world. She’s seen it all, and you can turn to Her with your most hopeless situations, your longstanding wounds and burdens — and your most hopeful longings for the future.

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