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Heartbreak & The Space Between Stories

Published about 2 years ago • 5 min read

I'm sure I am not alone when I say that I am heartbroken and filled with sacred rage by this latest turn of events including our nations refusal to be accountable for the violence it creates, enacts, and perpetuates.

If this is "The space between stories" then now is the time to recognize that it's up to us to create a new story by declaring an end to this existing story of separation, trauma, violence, and negligence.

Change begins with a revelation, followed by a declaration, and moving ever so swiftly into a reckoning.

Let this collective reckoning be the one to disrupt the trance once and for all, that keeps us believing that this is just the way it is.

We have the power to create a new story, and to ignite the inner fire that will purify this living outer hell-scape so that we can build the regenerative future.

Episode 128: Charles Eisenstein - The Space Between Stories

"I’m not the guy who has got it all figured out. During the Covid pandemic, I had the opportunity once again to face an inner and outer unraveling. For months at a time, I experienced a paralyzing despondency borne of the calamity I saw overtaking society: the very Age of Separation I had been proclaiming, for years, to be nearing an end. Instead, it was reaching new extremes. At the same time, my critiques of the social response to the pandemic brought intense criticism, denunciation, and canceling, including from people whom I’d considered to be deep, trusted allies. Maybe, I thought, it is I who has gone mad, not the world." - Charles Eisenstein

I always say that the Universe has a wonderful sense of humor, and if it’s true that we create our own reality, then I’m so glad my reality includes neighbors like Charles Eisenstein and his wife, Stella.

I had been following Charles's work for a couple of years and more intensely when the pandemic happened because so much of what he was speaking about resonated for me. Then I saw him publicly denounced and canceled by the same community that once embraced and celebrated him, and In that instant I felt a deep and abiding despair.

At the height of my despondency, I was also suffering detox symptoms from recently having mercury fillings removed from my mouth, and dear friend suggested I see an intuitive body worker who had recently moved to my small town.

I began seeing Stella at her home office, and as my symptoms improved, we developed an effortless friendship. While I knew she lived with her husband and child, I was unaware for several more weeks that I was actually in the home of the very man whose work I was immersed in and sharing with as many people as I thought might listen.

Amazing, right? Well played universe! I just love synchronicity!

I am reminded of a quote by David Richo;

“We do not create our destiny; we participate in its unfolding. Synchronicity works as a catalyst toward the working out of that destiny.”

In this episode, perhaps you’ll understand why I am such a fan of Charles and his work. In addition to being incredibly accessible, his revelations are filled with humanity, humility, and love. You’ll hear about his perspective on this time in human civilization as we shift and transform toward creating a new story. At this time in our collective evolution we are in what Charles calls “the space between stories,” and we have a opportunity to reimagine the world in a way that human civilization has never had. Something Charles calls "the more beautiful world our hearts know is possible."

  • Hear about why our definition of "progress" has to change.
  • Gain deeper insight into the cultural stories we have been living in and why these are not sustainable.
  • Charles explores the potential of “the unknowing” and invites us to embrace opportunities for creating something new.
  • What would it be to imagine a new story based on beauty and serving life?
  • Why should we look more closely at our money culture and return to the practice of reciprocity.
  • How does ecocide play into our money culture and what is its psychological and physiological impact?
  • The utility of masculine and feminine energies during these times and their potential for our future.
  • The emerging story of Interbeing.
  • Cancel culture, mob mentality, and the curse of binary thinking and us vs. them.
  • What it was like to be canceled by culture and how Charles processed what happened.
  • Bringing back the gift economy as the next cultural currency.
  • Community over morality and morality as a tool of separation.
  • How we disrupt the old story by revealing our truest and most vulnerable selves.

Charles Eisenstein is an American public speaker, author and essayist. His work covers a wide range of topics, including the history of human civilization, economics, spirituality, and the ecology movement. Key themes explored include anti-consumerism, interdependence, and how myth and narrative influence culture. According to Eisenstein, global culture is immersed in a destructive "story of separation," and one of the main goals of his work is to present an alternative "story of interbeing."

Much of his work draws on ideas from Eastern philosophy and the spiritual teachings of various indigenous peoples. Eisenstein has been involved in the Occupy, New Economy, and permaculture movements. His new book is coming out this summer: The Coronation.

Before each interview I set some space and I usually pull a card from one of my Oracle decks. Why? I dunno, it's my thang, I guess.

It's my way of bringing in other messages that might want to be part of our conversation. Charles and I chose from Kim Krans, The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck and the card that chose us was The Self, which is also known as the soul, witness and watcher.

The summary: The Self is like a prism a spectrum of personalities that radiates itself in all of its parts, polarities, and paradoxes. It does not judge, prohibit, suppress, or oppress any of its parts as it lovingly knows that all aspects have a time and a place. Within it is the awareness of the infinite universe of possibilities. As you listen to our conversation, you'll hear why this was the perfect card. As Charles went through his own personal apocalypse, he was able to return to the center of his own innocence and his wonder for being alive. Where he allowed all of himself to be- exactly as he was.

The Wild Unknown Archetypes deck Link to Charles Eisenstein Podcast Episode

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With love and revelation,

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